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How long is the workshop?

  • VOCA is a 6-week course. Each week requires 3-4 hours of participation.

How is VOCA structured?

  • Each week (at anytime) you’ll watch a video targeting a specific aspect of Calling, and you’ll work through accompanying worksheets. Fridays at Noon, 5 P.M., or 7 P.M. will be our confidential group coaching sessions, conducted by Dr. John Studebaker on ZOOM. We also ask participants to interact with their partner each week. Lastly, we hope you will read and contribute to our designated Facebook page for additional interaction and encouragement.

How many people participate in each workshop?

  • We allow up to 20 participants in each VOCA workshop. We encourage participants to bring their spouse or a friend into the workshop with them.

What is the cost, and what if cost is an issue?

  • Bridge Ministries, Inc. and the BMI Oasis operate on a donation-basis. We request $450 donation for each participant in order to register.

I have additional questions / need more information.

  • Please contact us during office hours (8am-5pm Eastern) at 269-277-7020 or 269-719-9634. Or email John and Julie Studebaker at

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