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This VOCA Workshop is a 6-week course and confidential community that addresses the particular needs and challenges faced by Pastors and Missionaries. It is based on our LifeBridge curriculum, which has helped hundreds of professional ministers (from 2000 to present) to overcome burnout and focus their entire life and ministry around their unique calling. It incorporates interactive videos, worksheets, group coaching, and partnerships into the LifeBridge process.

VOCA provides a proven method for profoundly hearing God’s “Sacred Voice.” Following the pattern of Moses, participants walk through a process of discerning their vertical calling (Purpose), their horizontal call (Mission), and practical call (Vision). They develop a plan for activating their calling. They learn how to re-assess their LifeBridge Plan on a regular basis, to live a high quality of life while in ministry.

VOCA also helps participants confront prevailing struggles that hinder the full activation of their call, such as ministerial fatigue, boundary issues, conflicts, and fears.


  • Bridge Ministries, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry. Your registration is a donation which helps to fund the BMI Oasis, our retreat center for Pastors and missionaries in Michigan, as well as our ongoing work in Kenya and South Sudan.
  • You will have permanent access to the course, even after it is completed.
  • Group Discount: One free access will be provided after 10 registrations are received from the same group.
  • VOCA Workshop
    Week 1: Introduction and Purpose

    In this session you will first be introduced to the Biblical concept of divine calling. You will then examine a Scriptural overview of Purpose - your VERTICAL calling.

    • Introduction to the Course
    • Initial Assessment
    • Introduction to Purpose
    • Four Views on Purpose in Life
    Week 2: Write and Activate Your Purpose Statement

    In this session you develop your Purpose Statement based upon God's origin, destiny, and identity for your life. Then you will begin to activate your Purpose as you learn to pray and journal in a purposeful manner with respect to major areas of your life.

    • Discover your Origin
    • Discern your Destiny
    • Clarify your Identity
    • Write your Purpose Statement - Rough Draft and Final Draft
    Week 3: Introduction to Mission

    In this session you begin to identify and clarify your HORIZONTAL call - your mission. You'll see how the Biblical concept of mission relates to your personal mission, and will identify key ingredients for your mission - your heart motivations.

    Week 4: Write Your Mission Statement

    In this session you will combine the various elements of your "divine design" into a unique and actionable mission statement.

    Week 5: Activate Your Mission; Introduction to Vision

    In this session you will learn about the Biblical basis for vision -- your PRACTICAL call. You'll work through an exercise to  expand your vision, and begin developing Vision Statements.

    Week 6: Activate your Vision Statements; Write your Goals and Faith Steps; Reassessment

    In this session you will write your goals and faith steps. These will create a focused action plan for your life. You'll then develop a re-assessment plan that will allow you to continue living according to your Purpose, Mission, and Visions for the rest of your life.


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